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Appventure aims to help you with technology aspects of your College experience. Here you can find answers in the form of infographics to common questions:

  • Google apps for study

  • Communication Types

  • Presentation Skills

  • Getting Organised

  • Tools for group work

How do I learn about each App & Application?

Apps & Applications Infographics 

Throughout the Appventure website you will find infographics. Each tells you, step by step, about an app or application with both images and words. 


Explore the content in the website to find a selection of infographics about Google apps that are connected to your Gmail account as well as other apps like your free Microsoft Office account. Click on 'News' above to find more information like other apps and tool as well as Workshop dates.  

Who is APP Venture aimed to help?

The Technology Curious

If you are new to using technology for your studies then this website can help you. The infographics guide you through apps with images and icons to help you through each step. Try one or two infographics at a time and return to try more. Little by little you can learn  skills to enhance your learning experience.

Technology Supporting Independence

You may already have a number of technology skills and feel confident about trying more technologies. If so, then Appventure has a few tools for you to try. Your Student email has an application called 'Google Drive'. Explore your free online storage, Google Docs for writing assignments and its groupwork possibilities.

Desktops and Laptops

If you own or have access to a Laptop or Desktop (the DIT Libraries have many), you have many options regarding apps and applications. So if you are the type of student who prefers a large screen, then you can access the apps and applications that you can find in your Student Gmail account.

Smart phones and Tablets

Many applications have an app equivalent for your Smartphone and Tablet device. These include Google tools like 'Notes', 'Google Docs' and your 'Gmail'. Others include your free Microsoft Office apps like 'Word' that you can now use on both your Laptop and Smartphone.

Which types of devices allow Apps to be added?

Where can I get these different Apps?

My Gmail

Your Gmail email account is a Gmail account. This has many possibilities for you as not only can you receive emails but you have access to many Google apps that are linked to your Student Gmail account which you can learn about here in Appventure.

Google Drive Apps

When you log into your email you can then locate your Google Drive. This gives you free online storage so you can save your files and folders here. As well as this you can find even more tools like Google Docs and Google Slides (Similar to Word and Powerpoint).

Chrome Store Apps

The Chrome Browser , which works best with your Gmail account, has its own App Store too. This means you can add apps to Chrome. Explore the tab above 'The Chromestore' to learn about this Appstore and how to install apps for your reading and study experience.

Mobile Apps

If you have a Smartphone or a Tablet/ iPad, then you can download and install many apps that you can access on both your Laptop and Phone device. In the infographics I mention if they have an app equivalent.

Devices may have inbuilt tools too that can assist too.

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